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Asphalt Alternatives For Homes And Business

Paving in Oregon provides affordable paving alternatives for both low and high traffic roads. Call and chat with us to see what we can do for you. We have a no pressure sales team and won't try to trick you into paying for asphalt you do not need. Let us know what you are looking for and we will give you all the paving options. Call for a free quote: (503) 893-8758

Tar & Chip Near You

Tar and Chip is ideal for long lanes. If you would like a permanent solution for a dusty road, tar and chip or chip seal general costs a lot less than asphalt or concrete. This is a cost effective way of providing a maintenance free driving surface.

Unlike asphalt there is virtually no maintenance. There is no need to seal coat over a chip sealed surface. People often ask, will it hold up? The county uses this method for paving every year. Hundreds of miles of tar and chip roads are paved throughout the state.

Recycled Asphalt Near You

The cost benefits of asphalt recycling, $30 to $80/ton. Naturally, product quality will depend on the combination of ingredients used in the recycling and production process. In order to boost your environmental responsiveness, and maintain attractive and safe paved surfaces, choose a reliable asphalt paving company, like Paving in Oregon.

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